Natural remedy: How to make your butt grow big in one month. (Easy and reliable)

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A. Melt two tablespoon of Vaseline petroleum jelly , cover in a warm container to avoid it returning to a solid form.

B. Get a small bowl and a spoon, peel off your banana and marsh it in the bowl with the help of a spoon. Continue marshing it until you get a smooth banana paste.

C. Add the melted Vaseline petroleum jelly to the marshed banana paste and stir.

D. Add a teaspoon of your olive oil and intensify the stirring. Mix properly to get a smooth paste

Then apply the mixture in your buttocks, massage gently in a circular motion and leave for some minutes or hours. This is preferably done in the night, to enable the mixture to infuse into the skin. This mixture cannot be stored in the fridge, so it's better prepared in a small quantity.

This can be repeated until your desired result is attained.
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