By staring at women breast for more than 10min is healthy than going to gym.

Dr Karen Weatherby, who is a German scientist made this research and publish in the New England Journal Of Medicine. He made this revelation about this study over a period of 5 years using about 500men for his research he concluded that staying at a woman breast is healthy and elongates life span of men.

He further said that, just stare at a woman breast lustfully for about 10min everyday was the instruction e gave some group of men, while the other set he told them to abstain from doing such.

The result of the research from these men was that the men that stares at breast showed lower rate of heart problems, slower heart rate and lower blood pressure all this enables healthy life and long life.

In addition just staring at the breast of a well endowed lady for 10min daily equals 30min of gym work.

Sexual excitement gets the heart pumping and improves blood circulations. So doing this consistently can give you four to 5 more years.

So ladies, please help us by opening this thing more for us, we need it.

Posted by Hajj Whitty