By: Afolagbade Joy

It is obvious that ,the nature of humans not to be contented ,there are several ways to make a lady regret leaving you,most relationship today get broken due to one little mistake from both partner,but statistic made us realise that more of women break up ,the relationship due to the fact they want whobus ready not who they love,that get most men in devastated state of mind,making them do what they wouldn't have done on a normal state of mind,likewise most men has committed suicide due to the fact the person they love left them for another man .The following are the steps to make a woman regret leaving you;

Social media has made the world easy, in case she has not blocked you, feel free to be happy and share your happy moment on Social media.

Try doing something exclusive that will make people appraise you and reward you,

Don't be too available

Socialise with great people and kkep sharing your happy moment without her in your life .

Dress neatly and use aromatic fragrance.

Talk to people politely and gain their love

All this would make her bitter, and jealous and regret ever leaving a man with purpose