Guys if a girl does any of these 7 things, then she loves you. Go for her

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Girls are very emotional beings but as well very complicated and sometimes difficult to understand. Most times they hide their tender feelings under the cloak of cruelty.

It is said that sometimes when a girl says No she means Yes. They're that complex that the more you try to understand them the more you get lost in the street of confusion.

But at the same time girls are the most lovely people you can find on earth. Girls are angels in human form even with all their complexities.

How to know a girl likes you
1. She'll always want to spend time with you.

When a girl always want to spend time with you it could be a sign she likes you. Girls love attention and wanting to spend time with you means they're not just expecting you to give them attention they're also giving hoy theirs.

2. When she always stare at you

A lot is said with the eyes. All you have to do is pay attention. And you pay attention by looking back into those eyes that stare. When a girl always stare at you, it's an indication she likes you. So guys, focus.

3. When she's always shy around you.

A lot of feelings and emotions are hidden in shyness. When a girl is very shy around you then it means she doesn't want you to see her hidden feelings. She likes you. All you gotta do is make her feel comfortable around you.

4. When she argues a lot

Girls are so complex that they argue even when they know they're wrong. But such argument is ONLY with someone they like. And yes, you gotta let her win guys, always. Let her win always and she'll keep liking you. Otherwise she'll feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

5. When she uses endearing words on you

When a girl uses endearing words on you then she likes you. When she calls you "dear", "sweetheart", "love", etc then you mean something to her. Girls, unlike boys don't use words they don't mean so when she uses endearments on you just follow on the sign.

6. When she gets you gifts.

Sharing gifts is one way to express love. When a girl gets you gifts, no matter how small them it means she mean something to her. She definitely likes you so please appreciate sure gesture and don't make her regret it.

7. When she forgives you

It's not easy to forgive wrongs. But it's very easy for a girl to forgive who she likes. Do not take her easy forgiveness for foolishness cos it won't always be that way if you keep misbehaving. Nonetheless, when she forgives your silliness even when you don't apologize then she likes you.
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