Curvy teacher Biodun Okeowo flaunting her backside in the classroom

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Biodun Okeowo or Omoburty or known by some to be Omoborty/ Omobutty is a popular known actress.

She just doesn't do acting films alone, she has gone further by going into entertainment.

Without her joining entertainment, some already found her to be very entertaining due to her huge backside and shape.

She also advertises for lots of products too. She recently became an Ambassador for a bag and shoe shop.

She has again however joined two comedians known as Twyse and Mr Macaronil in producing a comedy skit on Instagram.

There, she featured as a teacher who has a very huge curve and shape. And due to this every student fails and have been repeating the same class for a long time.

A student Twyse came with his brother to withdraw him from the school but also distracted by the teacher's curve and withheld his withdrawal..

For the comedy skit, watch full video on Instagram page@mrmacaronil or @twyse_116

She added to her caption on Instagram @officialomoborty that; "Are they doing well... Disrespectful student plus a freaky daddy".

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