Moyo Lawal is an entertainer, Influencer, Ambassador and Nollywood actress (Award winning actress).

She has a big backside even with her height, her backside doesn't seem to be a problem for her. She can easily flaunt as she pleases.

Only her birth day is what is known as January 1st, but the year that she was born is not disclosed to the public.

She was born in Badagry, a popular place in Lagos state of Nigeria.

She have features in Series of Nollywood film and series of TV show.

Her acting was so prolific that it earned her an award in the year 2012. And she is still continuing with her acting.

She is known to posting pictures of herself posing to show her backside. But this time she seems to upgrade a little.

This time around, she went to a gym centre and instead of her king the gym workout, she was just flaunting her backside in the video she posted.

To watch full video, visit her official Instagram account @moyolawalofficial.

She posted with a caption; "If I hear piiiiiiiim............. that, this is not workout"

See picture and caption below: