Biggest backyard — Lady got everyone taking as she flaunts her massive backside on Twitter

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A South African lady known as Miss Rose on twitter has got everyone talking on twitter as the unleash killer photos displaying her fantabulous massive behind.

In this world now, every girl is looking for ways to get her backside to be massive. Guys on the other hand are running after the backside. In the end you discover that the world is beginning to revolve around it. Proven wrong.

In her post she said “comment with the flag of your country”. You trust Nigerians na. If you go through the comment session, you will see Nigeria flag everywhere. We dey rep. Lol.

My concern is the camera man that is always snapping her. Do you think he is privileged to eat from this food?

If you were the camera man how far? What about if she was yours, how will you handle all these?
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