1)Show her that you love her

Disvirgin without pain at all can be quite unreal. Therefore, you might need to show her that you have a true affection for her. It means that you love her. The very first sexual experience for a girl should be with a man for whom she feels true affection and true love. This can help her to overcome the pain and understand how to disvirgin without pains at all. What she needs is your love right now and true affection to her. When she feels safe and needed, then the hormones of happiness can help her to overcome any pain in her mind.

2)Create an atmosphere

If it`s the first time for your girl and you have no clue about how to disvirgin a girl without pain, then you might create a certain atmosphere for her. Try to find some relaxing music and make the place safe for her. You might help her to undress. Right now she is a real flower. Therefore, do not try to spoil this flower or take too soon. It`s necessary for her to feel your patience in this delicate question.

3)How to disvirgin a girl – real actions

The best sexual pose for the first sex for a woman is the missionary pose. In this position, she feels totally relaxed, and you can surely control all the actions. Do not forget about contraceptives! When you get your gentleman in its suit, you might start the insertion. How to deflower a girl? It might be still painful to her, but if you look directly into her eyes while you are making love if you touch her and whisper lovely words, then you might help her to feel no pain. Moreover, do not start bumping her at once. Start slowly and speed up when she feels ready.