It has become a bother to so many men that they can't last
long in bed as they would ordinarily like to.

This has become a thorn in the flesh to so many men out there, with
little or no solution. Mockingly, such men are called 2
minutes men or in singular, 2mins man. This is really
painful to them, especially when they hear it from the
person they call their own. It can be very disgraceful.

It is expected that normal bedroom performance should lasts
for nothing less than 20 mins. But, worry not, the remedy is
here with you.

There are so many reason why a man might not last long in
bed as he ought to, such reasons are:


....Premature Ejaculation

....Losing your erection during sex ( erection dysfunction)

Remedy to being a 2mins man:
Get watermelon seeds
Get two bitter kola
Get Alligator pepper
Grind all these together
Then, soak them in a dry Gin or local Gin

Note: Those that don't take alcohol can mix theirs with a
Pap instead of dry gin.

Then, drink responsibly.

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