I just stumbled upon some images which at first i saw and was like "Woah!!" what is this and stuffs like that.

It was so catchy at first that i has to look at it twice before concluding.

Take a look at the images below:

1. Couples

It looks as though it's the Man's D**k but it's not... It's just the Wifes leg

2. Sisters Photo Bomb

This Obviously looks like it's a Vjay but it's not.. It's just the other girls Armpit

3. Father and Daughter Photo bomb

At first when i saw this pic i laughed alot but take a look at it, it looks like the father's scrotum but it's just the daughters leg.

4. Man with the Doggy

Well just take a brief look at it.. It's just his dogs ear and nothing more.

5. Lady Waiter

This looks really funny as well.. But it's just a mirror like surface that's opposing the woman standing opposite him.

6. Detached BF head

Honestly when i first saw this i thought it was the guy standing but actually it's the girl that's standing and the boy is sitting.

7. Baby Leg

Just take a second look at this Again "Lol"

8. Double Head

It may seem like she is double headed but it is just the
head of her sister rested on her neck while taking a picture

9. Fresh Kneels

I know it looks like her front package is opened look again it
is just her legs raised up while swimming

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