Love making between couples who love each other dearly
can be really sweet. For two people who genuinely love
each other, love making is a time to bond. It's a time to
physically express your profound feelings for each other
through love making and reassure yourselves of your
undying love for each other.

But it can also go awfully
wrong if something unpleasant happens right in the middle
of it.

Here are five mistakes you must never make while
making love with your sweetheart, they can be a big turn


This is one thing you must not let happen. It can
be awfully disgusting. Letting out that pungent smell in the
middle of a beautiful experience, while you're probably
close to cloud nine, can be annoying. And once it happens,
if your partner is the sensitive type, that could totally kill
his/her mood.

*Missing the target.

Well, it can be embarrassing, really. I
mean, let's face it, your woman would expect you to know
the difference in location between the two holes. If you
miss the target and enter the wrong hole, you could send
strong shivers down the spine of your partner who may start
getting the wrong impression about you.

*Calling out someone else's name.

Make this mistake and
that could be the end of your relationship. If you get carried
away in ecstasy and you know you've been cheating on
your partner, please, keep your mouth shut while you're at
it. While we would not encourage anyone to cheat on their
partners, but we advise that you seal your mouth and
simply enjoy the moment.

*Making monetary requests.

Are you kidding? While should
you be requesting for money from him while he's right on
top of you? This will certainly piss him off. He wants to
enjoy the moment with you, not be reminded how much of
his account you want to deplete. Except, of course, if what
you both have together is strictly business.

*Picking your calls.

This is a capital NO! Why would you
want to do that right in the middle of the business?

This isn ot good at all and it can dampen the mood and desire of
your partner. The signal this sends to your man or woman
is that he's not doing such a great job. When you should be
moaning and groaning under him, you're rather picking

Some men I know will make sure that's the last time
you both have sex.