Ladies Use This Different Pose To Make Your Hips Fuller In Selfies

Its every lady dream to have the perfect figure but then what can you do if you weren't naturally blessed by God, you can maneuver your way with these postures I would be revealing to you to make your hips fuller in pictures, the sole secret lies with your leg positioning.

1.) The Cross Over Leg: Simply cross your legs over together and interlock them while shifting one of your hips to any side you so wish, this would give you a fuller hips in the picture.

2.) The Side Mirror Selfie Post: Go to any decent bathroom with a nice big mirror, take a side post and move your second leg to the back and slightly raise it up a little to give your waist a little elevation then take the pictures with this post you would have fuller hips.

3.) The Complete Back Post: This is quite the most difficult posture ever simply turn your back arch you waist and tick your tummy out then separate your legs a little bit apart and hit the camera button.

4.) The Sit-down Bathroom Selfie : This is one of the simplest just sit down on the wash hand basin in the bathroom on one side and let your other leg touch the ground while the other one doesn't touch the ground.