A Nigerian lady, Amarachi Esther has lashed out at Nigerian men to sew their coat according to their sizes by not admiring or going after ladies they can’t afford.

In a social media post that caused a stir, she took time to explain while “every shoe has sizes”.

She wrote;

Dear men, when you meet a lady and it feels as if you are beginning to like her, please take your time to Know her, watch the things she wears, The kind of hair she makes, the quality of her shoes, Her Skin and things she puts on.

And most importantly....

pay attention to things she says, places she has been to and how well she is living. Take time to find out if these things are true or not.

You know why?


There are some ladies you will meet today and just taking them out on a date, I mean one date and boom, your account is dry.

It's not because these ladies are materialistic, it's just their Normal lifestyle. In fact, they even eat less because they were trying to be nice.
If they eat the normal way they enjoy themselves? You will have to wash plate in that eatery to settle the bills.

Dear Sir, before you complain that she is Materialistic or expensive, have you found out if that's how she lives her life before you came In?

Some of you like trouble, a lady will be busy with her classy lifestyle and boom, that's who you want, you like classic ladies but bring 20k for hair, you still start insulting every woman in the world.

Understand that there are ladies at your level that will gladly accept you and even pray for you if you give them just 1k for hair.

Go for your level
Go for your size
Go for your match
Stop creating unnecessary headaches for yourself.

There are so many ladies you will come close to and just shake your head and tell yourself the truth. She don't necessarily need your money or to ask for anything, but you know the day you might decide to help her with her hair money? That might be your two months Salary�‍♀️ so is better you respect yourself!

I hate seeing guys complain that their partner is too expensive. Did she ask you out? Why didn't you go for the other lady that is not expensive?

Stop Eyeing Apple when you can only afford Orange

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Stop Eyeing Apple when you can only afford Orange