How does a man know that a woman likes him?

1. Dresses up
She wear what she knows will impress you, she must not really wear her best cloth but anything she wears must be good.

2. She lets her jealousy show
Women generally like to hide their jealousy, but she will make her jealousy show when ever you are with another girl and she doesn't like it.

3. Reveals her deepest secrets
She will reveal to you her deepest secret even if she hasn't know you for long

4. Admits her feelings for you
Women hate putting their feelings out there except there are really into you and they want you madly. She doesn't mind telling you she likes you.

5. Indulges your excesses
If she likes you, then she’ll let you get away with a lot more than you should.
Things that other men [and even her own friends] will never get away with, she'll permit them if it's you doing them.

6. Food
She will always ask if you are hungry and what your favorite meal so she can make it for you, and she will invite you always to her place for food

7. She goes goofy
Women want to be classy for the whole world. With you, however, it goes deeper than that.
She's willing to show you her goofy, playful side.

8. She loves you with those quirks
She loves you with all your crazy character that your friends laugh you for and she won't complain of them.