Pamela Odame Watara, the Ghanaian actress and Socialite have once again proven that she does not care what Ghanaians think about her by showing off her clean-shaven Tonga in a post on Instagram.

Pamela Odame who is regarded as one of the young Ghanaians with the biggest natural boobs have given a free show on social media.

In the trending photos which have received crazy reactions, Pamela Odame is wearing a skirt that is showing too much flesh.

From the look of things, this was no mistake or an accident. Pamela Odame Watara wanted her followers to see how neat she is under her skirt.

Already the photos have received over a thousand comments with the male fans praising her and asking for more.

As expected, some female fans and as well other male fans also attempted to teach her how to be descent by describing her dress and the photos as immoral.