5 Things You Should Never Do After Having Sex With The Woman You Love

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Women are mostly more emotional than men and see sex as a way to connect deeply with their significant others. If you feel your woman is being distant after sex and you have no idea why, you could be making any of these mistakes ;

1. Falling asleep immediately.
Most men are used to the familiar urge to fall into a deep sleep after having their orgasms. After rigorous physical activities and a comforting release, of course the next best thing to do is fall asleep. Well, doing this will make your woman feel lonely even if you are right beside her. what you should do instead is hold her, say a few nice words and fall asleep in her arms. there is a high possibility of her also falling asleep in this position. That way, it is a win win situation, You get your sleep and everybody is happy.

2. Picking up your phone or turning on the T.V
To you, this might be a very harmless gesture but you are pulling a string you don’t want to be loose. Turning on the television or picking up your phone will make her feel unimportant and abandoned by you. A woman has made herself vulnerable and open by having sex with you, this act will make her feel disconnected,insecure and unsafe. browsing through instagram immediately after you just had sex is not really worth the trouble so don’t do it.

3. Render information you should have told her before hand.
Why wait until after sex before you tell her your mum doesn’t think she is good enough, or that you had a one night stand with a hooker last week. you might have been scared to tell her beforehand but to her, you took advantage of her and she will feel totally angry and betrayed by you. Be respectful of her and open up before any sexual activity. even if she is the one initiating it, you should sit her down and let her know whatever bad news you have to share.

4. Ask her to leave.
you might have a good reason for this, perhaps you have an early start the next day or you have family coming over or you feel your living condition is not suitable for her just yet. These, are understandable reasons. What’s not right however, is telling her this after you’ve had sex. This totally crushes a woman’s esteem and makes her feel terrible about herself. If you aren’t up for a sleep over please manage expectations and tell her what is going on so she would come prepared to leave.

5. Break up with her.
This is a totally heart wrenching and selfish move to make. do not have sex with a person if you both are on different paths in your relationship. She had sex with you thinking you are together and have a special connection and you have sex with her knowing you don’t like her anymore but you need to have an orgasm. This is extremely deceitful and hurtful.. When breaking up with someone, always do it in a respectable way no matter how difficult it may seem. Nothing will hurt a woman more than dumping her immediately after having intercourse with her.
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