Lady Gaga shocked fans on Thursday night after falling off the stage in a
dramatic gaffe during her gig in Las 

Gaga, 33, had jumped up and straddled a lucky male fan midway through
her Enigma show before he accidentally stepped backwards and they
plunged to the ground.

Landing on her back, the pop star – who was wearing a pale blue wig at
the time – took the brunt of the fall.
Video footage of the unfortunate incident then shows startled Gaga
being helped to her feet by several alarmed crew members.

Lady Gaga – real name Stefani Germanotta – has not publicly
commented on her fall, however several fans captured the painful mishap
on camera.

Posting a close up of the accident on Twitter, one audience member said:
“Holy s*** Lady Gaga just fell right in front of me.”

Another fan, who caught the tumble while standing on the opposite side
of the stage, added: “A fan picked up gaga and fell off the stage

And a third tweeted: @ladygaga even if things don’t always go to
plan…. you still rock the f****** stage. #jack #oops.”

Poke Face star Gaga is currently in residency at the Park MGM hotel
in Las Vegas and is booked to perform her Enigma show until May next

But although she found fame in the pop industry, the quirky singer has
more recently been praised for her acting too.