Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky is tired of answering questions about
his sexuality and has lashed out at a fan who decided to ask about his
“lady parts”.

Bobrisky said earlier that he had removed his manhood because he had
no use for it.

However, what he refused to say was if he had replaced it with the
female organ or had sealed the opening completely.

A curious fan sent the social media celebrity a message on snapchat
asking if Bobrisky had lady parts after removing his manhood.

“Do you have a vagina” the fan asked.
Bobrisky replied angrily by saying “If I slap you ehnnnnn. Y do u people
feel comfortable asking stupid question.”

The cross-dresser then took a screenshot and shared the weird
conversation on his instagram page.

In his post, he asked why a fan would ask him such a question on a
Sunday morning when his peers are in church worshiping God.

Bobrisky then answered the fan’s question by claiming that he has a
vagina as well as vaseline.
He wrote:

“on a Sunday morning that all your mate are in church, dis monkey is
asking me if I have a vagina on Snapchat. Is not only vagina is Vaseline.